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On 22, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

Here and There

site specific installation, mixed media

Déjà vu, the feeling of having already experienced the present situation, is one of those fleeting sensations that come upon us occasionally and unexpectedly. It is an experience that may provoke a range of emotional responses including: suspicion, delight, a pinch of paranoia and a whiff of confusion. Despite the availability of rational explanations there remains pleasure to be found in the experience of stepping outside of a routine mode of thought and falling, for a brief moment at least, into an encounter with the irrational and the inexplicable. Here and There requires its audience to move in space and time from one point of view to another as they view the work through the two spy-hole lenses. Through these lenses the viewer encounters a scene which appears to be perhaps the same but possibly different. Not here or there but here and there the viewer is positioned in that rare and delightful liminal space known as déjà vu.

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