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site specific installation, glow sticks and the Pepperpot building.

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Tower ii

lightbox installation

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Colour Theory

14 OHPs and coloured lighting gels


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12 OHPs and Coloured lighting gels

Halo is one in a series of light installations engaging with the anthropomorphic qualities of obsolete mechanical technologies.

A composition of 12 overhead projectors arranged in a circle, this configuration generates three rings of light: one of mainly white light emanating from the bodies of the projectors; another of 12 jewel-like spots of colour as seen in the faces of the projectors and the third, a horizontal strip of multi-coloured light cast just above the heads of the projectors.

With its warmth, breath-like air currents and gentle hum the circle takes on human form – a choral ensemble perhaps. By combining the individual groups of colour into a single halo the work celebrates the power of the collective spirit.

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One Tree (with Cadi Froehlich)

acrylic and MDF, w.200cm

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Here and There

site specific installation, mixed media

Déjà vu, the feeling of having already experienced the present situation, is one of those fleeting sensations that come upon us occasionally and unexpectedly. It is an experience that may provoke a range of emotional responses including: suspicion, delight, a pinch of paranoia and a whiff of confusion. Despite the availability of rational explanations there remains pleasure to be found in the experience of stepping outside of a routine mode of thought and falling, for a brief moment at least, into an encounter with the irrational and the inexplicable. Here and There requires its audience to move in space and time from one point of view to another as they view the work through the two spy-hole lenses. Through these lenses the viewer encounters a scene which appears to be perhaps the same but possibly different. Not here or there but here and there the viewer is positioned in that rare and delightful liminal space known as déjà vu.

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Untitled (sellotape sunbeams)

sellotape and window, (dimensions variable)

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Look in Tower

hardboard and chipboard h.180cm, w.120cm

As an object Look In Tower may remind us of the WW2 concrete Martello towers that lookout over the English Channel. It is, in this sense, presented as an object associated with the act of looking. The intention of the piece is to generate and prolonging the usually fleeting intimacy associated with catching the eye of another person. When seated around the structure the viewers look into the whitened void in which all the edges have been smoothed into gentle curves where no shadows can gather. In this void the only point of focus for the eyes is into the eyes of another. Because the viewers are seated it is not easy to turn away from this encounter and a mildly uncomfortable intimacy is created.

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An Invitation to Fall

Chipboard and Elastic, dimensions h200cm, w69cm d100cm

Surrendering the weight of the body to the pull of gravity provokes a combination of fear and elation, a minute death and resurrection. An Invitation to Fall (2011) offers the opportunity to experience this exquisite mix of emotions.